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We started working with Christos in the last few months of 2019, initially looking at 2020 budget forecasting for our Open Access journals... Give Christos a tonne of data and he will weave it into fabulous graphs and summaries that even the busiest executive has time to understand!

Angela Jones

General Manager at Dove Medical Press




Quantifying the impact of the new Chinese policy

Amid ongoing industry disruption (Plan S deliberations in Europe, a rumored executive order in the US, and contentious negotiations for PAR/RAP deals with consortia around the world), news of a changing evaluations policy by the Chinese administration is unlikely to have been welcome news for international publishers.

Anything that affects publishing habits in China has the potential to affect domestic and international publishers. According to Clarivate’s Web of Science (WoS), authors affiliated with Chinese organizations contributed to 20% of research articles and review articles (the types of content that matters the most commercially and academically) in 2018 (Figure 1). The share of China exceeds 30% for two of the top eight publishers. Moreover, China has been a key driver of content growth for many international publishers in recent years.

Figure 1. Share and volume of content by region (2018 articles and reviews per WoS Core Collection journal data)