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Open Access Dashboards

Track performance across various dimensions for day-to-day reporting and for executive-level reporting

Regular tracking of performance captures issues at an early stage, allows faster and more accurate forecasting, and feeds factual information into strategic and tactical decisions.

You may track all four drivers of the Open Access publishing model (submissions, processing time, acceptance rate, and effective APCs) and other KPIs (reviews, publications, etc.) by journal and portfolio for day-to-day reporting and management. Or you may focus on a subset of KPIs and dimensions (specific regions, specific journals, segments of the pipeline etc.) for executive-level reporting.

Working with your team, we will customise dashboards that are specific to your needs. We will help you choose the right reporting frequency, type of KPIs, dimensions and level of detail, in line with the peer review software of your journals and the reporting software of your choice.

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