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Team Planning

Optimise the size of your team according to multiple parameters

Getting your headcount wrong can affect financial performance both via revenue and via costs: understaffing leads to bottlenecks which ultimately hurt revenue, whereas overstaffing inflates costs. A double whammy is also possible, with some teams ending up overstaffed and others understaffed.

Headcount planning is easy when submissions, publications, workflows, and staff performance are constant. However, steady-state is not the norm: journals grow or shrink, workflows change, and teams evolve. Then headcount planning becomes a challenge, which grows proportionally to the size of the portfolio. Any portfolio with as few as 10,000 submissions per annum typically employs tens of staff, works with hundreds of editors, and interacts with thousands of reviewers.

We can help you optimise your team size on a factual basis, by modelling a range of scenarios that consider manuscript volume changes, workflow changes, bottlenecks, and staff performance issues.

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