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Workflow Diagnostic

Assess the processing speed of your workflow, and identify issues early and with precision

Processing speed matters: it affects author and staff satisfaction, journal and platform reputation, the chance of repeat submissions, and ultimately financial performance.

The process from manuscript submission to publication typically lasts longer than three months, frequently exceeds six months, and in extreme cases it takes up to a year. By assessing the processing speed of a workflow at the conclusion of this lengthy process, any issues are identified late, inaccurately, and inconclusively.

Instead, assessing the health of a workflow requires breaking it down to its components, measuring the processing speed at each of them, and digging deeper within components (queues, events, and speed analysis). This approach reveals issues precisely and early, before they grow and become hard to manage.

Our workflow diagnostic leaves no stone unturned: it shows historical and present performance, it reveals trends and issues, and it highlights whether issues are driven by flaws in the process or by specific stakeholders (staff, editors, reviewers, authors).

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